Ralph’s Private Tarot Lessons

•  Learn tarot the fun way — by giving yourself readings!

•  Each class with Psychic Ralph is one-on-one (over the phone or in person).

•  You decide when to start, when to finish, & how many lessons to take!

•  After a few classes, impress your friends with your psychic abilities!


Purchase the Tarot for Learning deck.

These high-quality cards use gorgeous imagery from the Universal Waite Tarot.

Each card also shows its meaning, interpretations for love, career, and finance questions, chakras, astrological aspects, answers to yes or no questions, time periods, Hebrew symbols, and affirmations.


To prepare for your first lesson, please read this document.

Next, shuffle your cards, fan them out, and select three random cards while focusing on a specific question. Repeat this process for a total of four different questions.

Please take a photo of each three-card spread and complete this Worksheet. These pics and notes will be used for Step 3.


Book a Life Path Reading with Ralph. These sessions are offered in person and over the phone. At the start of your session, let Ralph know this is a Tarot Lesson.

From there, you’ll discuss the four readings/Worksheets from Step 2 so Ralph can provide guidance.

Repeat Step 2 (and Step3) until you’re confident in your tarot reading skills.

$125 CAD

$175 CAD