7 tips for a better session


Predictions limit your prospects to the path you’re currently on. Because of this, Ralph would rather help you  find the BEST PATH towards your ideal future.

To get you there, he’ll use his Life Coaching background to identify your goals. Next, he’ll pull tarot cards to probe the here-and-now and identify: hidden opportunities, the motives of people around you, energy blocks, and areas of growth. These insights will help you make better decisions as you move forward.

Please know: this process may feel intense. Past clients have described Ralph’s approach as “a powerful and accelerated therapy session packed with insights.”

Instead of asking Ralph to predict the future…. ask what you can do TODAY to manifest a better tomorrow.


Ralph’s gentle, compassionate, and non-judgmental approach will put you at ease. If he sees you heading towards an undesirable future, he’ll ask the cards how you can avoid this outcome.  This empowering approach puts YOU in control of your destiny.


For better or worse, your current situation is the result of every choice you’ve ever made or how you’ve reacted to circumstances beyond your control.  The good news?  Owning your situation will empower you to make positive changes.  With this goal in mind, please be receptive to Ralph’s insights and any new approaches he might suggest.  If you’re not ready for this kind of input, please consider booking at a later date.  Also, if you are struggling to get over an ex and Ralph sees they’ve moved on, please be ready to accept this outcome so the reading can focus on your next steps towards true love (with someone else).


Ralph’s always happy to answer questions, so feel free to prepare several in advance. If you’re seeking medical, legal or investment advice, however, please speak with an industry professional.

If you’ve booked a Career Path or Life Path session, Ralph can help you navigate your current career.  However, if you need help identifying the best field for yourself, please come to your session with several career options in mind so Ralph can pull cards for each.   If you have no idea which field you want to work in, Ralph will pull cards to identify the energies of your idea job — which you can use to guide this journey.


During your session, you’ll receive valuable information . So it’s best to take notes. Or better yet — record your session. This way, you can revisit insights that will take on a deeper meaning over time.


  • To make the most of your time, please let Ralph lead the discussion.
  • If you’ve booked a Life Path Reading, Ralph will start by asking which area of your life (love, career, family, etc) you want to explore first.
  • As a Life Coach, Ralph will ask several questions to get to the heart of your situation.  Please answer these questions as succinctly as possible.  
  • Once Ralph’s questions have been answered, he’ll pull tarot cards for deeper insights, clarity and your best path forward.
  • While Ralph is sharing insights, please do not to interrupt him.
  • If Ralph shares an insight that doesn’t resonate, please speak up. The ensuing conversation will be VERY powerful.
  • If this is a phone session, please don’t put Ralph on speaker phone or use ear pods.  This throws off his connection.
  • If you  sometimes struggle with conversational English, a psychic who speaks your mother tongue might be a better option.  While giving readings, Ralph receives information at a  quick pace.  If he has to speak slower or repeat things, valuable insights may be lost. If you’re OK with a slight information loss, he’ll be happy to guide you 🙂


No psychic will know every detail of your life. Unfortunately, our gifts don’t work that way.  Please trust that the information Ralph accesses and shares is EXACTLY what you’re meant to hear in this very moment on your journey.

If you follow these tips, you’ll benefit from Ralph’s powerful insights. 🙂