Ralph’s Bio

Ralph’s an  insightful second-generation Tarot reader with 30-years experience, and the Founder of the Psychic Brunch (est. 2003). He’s also certified as a Hypnotist, Past Life Regressionist, Life Coach, Palmist, Feng Shui Consultant, and Life Skills Coach.

Ralph co-wrote the daily horoscope in 24 Hours (500,000 circulation), and has read several celebrities. He’s been interviewed by CTV NewsONE NetworkblogTO, Xtra, 24 HoursCityTV, National Post, and more.

Ralph’s used his psychic gifts to guide his own career. He’s an award-winning college professor, earned a Gold Record for songwriting (also had two #1 hits on iTunes), and is a Galaxi Award-winning TV producer. See Ralph’s Wikipedia page.

Ralph’s a Cancer born on the exactitude of the full moon. He’s studied tarot, astrology, feng shui, the law of attraction, Buddhism, and Paganism. He practices mantra meditation and has volunteered for many causes over the past 30 years. His greatest passion is helping others.