why telephone readings might suit you better

Your favourite Psychic offers readings by phone. You’re tempted to try this, but you’re concerned about the quality of the reading.

Below are five reasons to pursue this:


1. You’ll FEEL SAFER

Psychic readings can become VERY personal. If you’re dealing with any type of crisis, wouldn’t you rather explore this in a setting that feels safe and familiar? Also, it’s not uncommon for clients to become emotional during an intense reading. If this happens, wouldn’t you rather be at home?

2. Your Psychic will BE MORE RELAXED

Toronto PsychicI offer private readings by phone and in-person (at Cranberries Restaurant).  But most Psychics read clients at their home. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we feel a bit unhinged when a new client enters our living space — which is a sacred and private sanctuary. Even if a Psychic has a studio, most of us feel more relaxed when giving readings over the phone.

3. A stronger connection

If both parties are relaxed (see first two points), that’s the perfect recipe for a MUCH stronger psychic connection. If your Psychic uses tarot, they’ll use this bond to pull cards on your behalf. All told, a stronger connection ALWAYS leads to a more accurate reading. Also, Psychics work in a realm that transcends space and time — so physical distance will not weaken a connection.

4. A purer reading

When you meet a Psychic face-to-face, your style of dress and body language immediately makes an impression. However, when you receive a reading over the phone, the Psychic is forced to rely exclusively on their psychic gifts. This makes for a PURER reading without distractions or extraneous information.

5. convenience

I saved the most obvious reason for last. Meeting your Psychic face-to-face can be inconvenient. First, you have to deal with the elements (rain, snow or sweltering heat). On top of that, you need to find the best route to the Psychic’s home/studio, deal with traffic, and find parking. There’s also the added expense of gas and parking, or a taxi (if you don’t drive) — or the aggravation of public transit. Meanwhile, if you do your reading on the phone, all these annoyances magically disappear.

  • Written by Psychic Ralph