The importance of asking the “right” questions

Imagine spending weeks climbing a treacherous mountain so you can meet with a wise guru.

If you could only ask one question, would this be vague?

Of course not!

Similarly, how can you expect clarity from a Psychic when your intention isn’t focused?

Several years ago, I did a reading for a friend who was eager to go to law school. The cards showed a happy outcome and a glorious career in law. After every law school in Canada rejected her, she called me to say the cards were wrong. I reminded her that she didn’t give a specific time to reach this goal. Turns out, the following year she was accepted and she’s now a very successful lawyer.

The cards weren’t wrong. Her question didn’t match her expectations.

If you ask a Psychic how you’ll feel after breaking up with your partner, you’ll probably get a depressing reading — understandably so. However, if you adjust this question and ask how you’ll feel six-months after the break-up, you’ll probably gain much different insights.

Similarly, asking the cards about studying photography is pretty vague. You’ll get a much better reading if you specify a school and gear the question towards your career prospects three-months after graduating.

Bottom line: never expect the Universe to fill-in-the-blanks when your questions are vague and expectations are high.

  • By Psychic Ralph