Become a “Weight Loss Champ”

Weight Loss Champs are folks wishing to lose more than 40 lbs.

Participants must agree to the five terms below. 

  1. Register here to gain FREE access to Psychic Ralph’s Hypnosis for Weight Loss Video. For best results: please watch this video on a daily basis (at times you’re most prone to emotional eating). Prior to watching this video, talk to your doctor about your weight loss goals and ask them for guidance on a healthy eating regime and exercise routine.
  2. At the start of your weight loss journey, take a “before” photo that shows your face and belly. No sunglasses please.
  3. Every Saturday at 3pm Eastern Time, you’re required to meet with Ralph and the other participants (over Zoom) to discuss your progress. This meeting will last an hour.
  4. On December 15 (or sooner if you reach your goal early), take an “after” photo that shows your face and belly.  Please be fully clothed for both pics.

    Send both (before and after) pics to Ralph.

  5. On January 1, 2025, post your “before” and “after” pics on social media. In this post, please mention Six Life Keys and include our website address ( If posting on Facebook or Instagram, please tag us.

    PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS URL WITH ANYONE BEFORE JAN. 1 (Six Life Keys isn’t launching until the New Year).

  6. By participating in this program, you consent to giving Ralph indefinite use of your “before” and “after” photos on his website’s Weight Loss Champs gallery.