Join Ralph for a free Magic Spell

Below are six easy steps to set a goal in motion. This service is free-of-charge for Ralph’s clients and low-income folks who can’t afford a reading.  Ralph has used the Law of Attraction  and White Magic to manifest much in his life (see his Wikipedia page).

  • You and Ralph will (remotely) perform  this Magic Spell together at 9:30pm ET on the next full moon.
  • If this date isn’t convenient, you can participate on another full moon 🙂

  • Send Ralph one goal you’d like to manifest ( see examples ).
  • In your email, please let him know the date you’ll be performing your Magic Spell (see Step 1).
  • Your email (address and contents) will be kept confidential.
  • Please make sure your goal doesn’t manipulate the free will of others or bring harm to anyone.  EG, asking the Universe to make someone love you is manipulative.

For this Magic Spell, you’ll need the following:

  • lighter (or matches)
  • 1 tsp of olive oil (or coconut oil)
  • white 4″ chime candle (cutting the top 4″ from a regular length white tapered candle will also suffice). If you prefer a coloured candle, please read this guide.
  • chime candle holder (reshaping a tin foil ball will also do the trick)
  • sage incense (sweetgrass or sandalwood will also do)
  • incense burner (another reshaped ball of tin foil can work if you don’t have this)
  • a pen
  • a quiet room without distractions

  • Manifesting a goal isn’t purely intentional.  It requires action and dedication!
  • Prior to the Magic Spell, write down three strategies for reaching your goal.  See example .
  • Please give this careful consideration. You’ll need to make sure these are three different actions YOU can take towards reaching your goal. Winning the lottery would be lovely, but it’s not a tangible strategy 🙂

  1. At 9pm Eastern Time on the next full moon, enter your quiet space to set up.  Gather the Tools (listed in Step 3) and light your incense.  While holding the incense, walk around the perimeter of the room in a clockwise direction to cleanse the space.  Once you’ve covered the full perimeter, put your incense in its burner.
  2. Next, use a pen to carve your goal into your candle. Keep it short and simple.  Once this is done, anoint your finger with olive oil and rub it over the words you just carved. This will seal your intention.
  3. At 9:30pm, dim the lights and light your candle.  Place your candle securely in the candle holder.  Please don’t leave burning candles or incense unattended.
  4. As the candle burns, commit to your three strategies (from Step 4) by saying this statement out loud: “I ask the Universe to bring me <insert goal – Step 2>.  To make this happen, I will <insert strategies>”
  5. Next, close your eyes for 15-minutes and visualize success from each strategy.  If your mind wanders, please be patient with yourself. 
  6. After 15-minutes of visualization, blow out the candle.
  7. At 9:30pm that night, Ralph will perform a meditation/prayer to amplify your intention.  He will do this remotely from his home and will not contact you that night.

Give your Magic Spell momentum by bringing the two energies below into your life.   This will boost your frequency and attract good fortune.

  • GRATITUDE: Make a list of everything you’re grateful for and reflect on this every morning.  Please include positive life lessons you’ve learned from painful experiences.
  • KINDNESS: Acts of kindness are the best way to replenish your good vibes.  This includes volunteerism, helping the less fortunate, or simply being more patient, less judgmental and a better listener 🙂

If you’re uncertain about any of these steps, no need to contact Ralph.  Follow your intuition.  It won’t lead you astray!